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Rain is a gateway drug

Long time no post. I'm mostly over my Twilight obsession. I still plan on seeing Eclipse but I'm only in it for the Jacob. For the last year I've been madly in love with Spock and shipping him with Uhura from Star Trek 2009. It also helps that Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana are the sex. My favorite Spock/Uhura story is Descartes_Error. Very long but totally worth it, trust me.

Now it would take someone super sexy to distract me from Uhura/Spock but someone finally has.
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notes from a hardcore member of Team Jacob

  1. I didn't discover Twilight until summer 2007, right before Eclipse was released. I enjoyed Edward in Twilight because he seemed to have a sort of wicked charm. He was annoying and sexy at the same time. I will say that the physical descriptions of Edward never sounded attractive to me, NEVER. Pale and cold are not my type.I read the reviews for New Moon so I knew Edward would not be in the story that much and I was concerned that the story wouldn't be as good. I started New Moon with that expectation but once Jacob came into the story he was so funny and sweet. Jacob was good through and through and I loved his character. I didn't miss Edward at all and haven't missed him since. Jacob is the funny charming unpredictable one and he is full of youthful bravado. I expected Bella to choose Edward but as a reader I chose Jacob.
  2. While reading New Moon I had a love song on repeat in my head. The song was "Come with me" by Sammie and its an R&B song about a guy that is in love with his heartbroken best friend.
  3. Fall of 2008, right before the Twilight movie was released I venture online in search of info and Jacob fans. Instead I'm surrounded by the terror that is Team Edward, aka the Sparkle Squad. I'd naively believed that half of the fandom would be rooting for Jacob. I even tried the Twilight Mom's forum, I figured they'd be more mature and share my love of Jacob. WRONG. Finally I googled "Team Jacob" and found livejournal and Sort of Beautiful which is an oasis of Jacob appreciation.
  4. December 2008, reunited with an old friend from high school, she is Team Edward and I am disappointed.
  5. In June I attended a professional conference for my field. I was casually chatting with someone when she mentioned that she was rereading New Moon. I told her I was a fan of the books and we cautiously sized each other up before confessing that we were both Team Jacob.Finally I'd met someone in real life who appreciated Jacob.
  6. Since I first read the books I've been gushing to my best friend Lisa about how awesome Jacob is and how wolves are more attractive then vampires. She refuses to read the books or see the movies but she knows the gist of it from hearing me complain about how Jacob is treated. This summer Lisa went to see a movie and they had the New Moon trailer. During the part where Jacob jumps and turns into a wolf she yelled out "Jacob!" in the theatre. She'd recognized the character from me talking about him all the time. Hilarious, look how I've indoctrinated my friend into being Team Jacob without even reading the books.
  7. I had a dream this week about Alex Meraz (Paul from the wolf pack). In the dream the New Moon cast piles into a school bus which is supposed to take them to the set. I'm one of the last people on the bus and there is no where to sit. Alex lets me sit on his lap. So I'm just sitting cozy on his lap the whole ride with my head on his shoulder. Nothing sexual happened but it was still a great dream.

shoot me now please I beg you

tina marie
Tue, Mar 17, 2009, 11:50 AM

Ok... I agree with Luvbuzzy and Suzanne. This is a movie based on a book. This is how the book was people. It's not about Rob or Taylor. It's about the characters from the book. Edward's character isn't in the book very much. If they make the second one about Edward than I think it would suck big time. The ones that state on here that they won't watch the movie or get up and walk out obviously you are the ones who either didn't read the book or you skipped all the parts in between Edward leaving and him coming back. That's to bad for you beacuse it's one of the best books in this series. And to Sittingbull..Taylor isn't a white kid. He's French/German. So what if he's not Indian. Robert Downey Jr isn't African American either and he was nominated for an Oscar for that part. If Hollywood stuck to hiring only Ethnicley correct roles there wouldn't be to many movies or tv shows bieng made now would there? I'm not a teen. I'm 32 and I love these books. Some of you guys need to get a life..

Please tell me a grown ass woman didn't write something that stupid!

my New Moon casting choices

Jacob - Taylor has really grown on me, he is gorgeous and his personality is so Jacob, but I would have preferred an actual Native American.
Sam - Solomon, love him, he comes across as very mature, smart, serious, big brotherly, love when he glares and he has pretty hair
Embry - Krys, I'm sorry but the boy is just BEAUTIFUL I don't care if he can act or not, just show him on screen
Seth - Tyler Posey has the right look
Quil - Tokala Clifford
Paul - Eddie Spears
Leah - I picture her as a really beautiful woman,  Jennifer Podemski seems fierce
Emily - she should be plain so it makes the imprinting seem like a bigger deal, Crystle Ligtning?